Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Wishing everyone the best on the search for the pot of gold.

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Vote Imperial

There is no doubt that Star Wars fans cross all political parties. However, if the Imperialist Party existed, we’d all be part of it… maybe.  It can’t be any worse than the Republican/Democrat nonsense we have to deal with these days. Show your support for the Imperialist Party with this new shirt from Threadless.

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Hauntcast Resurrection Update

You know those coupon books that school kids sometimes sell for $20 that you can use an entire year and easily get your $20 back and then some?  A Hauntcast subscription is just like that.  You can easily save over $100. Subscribe by February 29 and you can use PayPal’s Bill Me Later service to [...]

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About Whitney Houston’s Death

The Whitney Houston hubbub is starting to slow.  Good. A friend of mine said, “Talent is not a substitute for character” in response to her death.  I agree.  She was talented.  ”Was” being the key word.  It seems that all went away when she got involved with Bobby Brown.  She got hooked on drugs.  Crack. [...]

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Scare Your Children and the Neighborhood Children

Holy crap.  Imagine having this in your home.  You could… for free! It is one of the items that has been donated by Juneau Studios to be given away to a subscriber to Hauntcast.  $2500 retail… FREE. Subscribe using PayPal by February 29 and you can use “BillMeLater” for 6 months of no interest financing. [...]

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Hauntcast – Help Bring It Back!

While I want to get the Tambu Lounge podcast up and running, I’m all about supporting other podcasts that have inspired me in the podcast world as well as in my other interests. Hauntcast is one of those. It is obvious that my love of Halloween is all over this blog.  Hauntcast is the definitive [...]

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Free Hulu Plus!

I’ve been using Hulu Plus for around 6 months now. Love it. Only downside is that CBS shows aren’t on it, but you do have most of the shows from NBC, ABC, and Fox. Other networks are there too.  In fact, you have entire seasons of these shows available. Current and past. Honestly, this is [...]

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- and it was defeated. Take that Lamar Smith. Although I’m not from Texas, I am going to contribute to the person who is your opponent. The MPAA is obviously in your pocket and you are not doing the job you were elected to do– representing YOUR people.

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Universal Studios- Transformers Ride

Some fortunate individual managed to capture the new Transformer Ride in Universal Studios Singapore. While I’m not the biggest Transformers fan (movie… I grew up with the animated show and had a ton of the toys), this looks like I would be a lot of fun.  Quite a bit like Spider-Man at their Orlando park. [...]

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Carve Pumpkins with Cookie Cutters

If you aren’t into Extreme Pumpkin Carving, Fresh Home Ideas suggests using cookie cutters to assist.  Good idea since they are basically big dies.  Fast and easy. Read here    

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