Netflix Changes, Facebook Changes, Avatar coming to Disney Parks, and REM breaks up- what a week

Reed Hastings personally sent me an email earlier in the week to say that he’s sorry for the way the price changes were handled.  But it wasn’t much of an apology since he only did it to say “and now for the rest” and proceeded to tell me that he is going to make using his service even harder by splitting up DVD by mail and Streaming into 2 companies… and with 2 websites.  Thanks, Reed.  You used to pride yourself on making the user experience great.  Now, it is hard.  But I guess this will make it easier to sell off the DVD by mail service.

Disney decides to take bring the Na’vi from Avatar to the parks.  But they really don’t say anything more than they are going to put it at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  My guess is that they decided to make the partnership announcement to avoid any leaks (cause it was going to happen… Star Tours II / Fantasyland anyone??).  I guess I’m looking forward to whatever they do in 5-6 years.  What I find the most interesting is that James Cameron was involved with the development of T2:3D up I-4 at Universal Studios Orlando.  That attraction is on its last legs.  No one saw this coming.  Much like the Marvel acquisition.

Then my buddy Mark Zuckerberg decided that he needed some love too and implemented weird changes to the Facebook UI.  He didn’t tell anyone about this, though.  I’m sure he messed with privacy settings again too.  He likes to keep that a secret as well.  Facebook is strong because people don’t want to disconnect with their “friends” and move to another service.  I think it is a timebomb of privacy concerns waiting to happen (BTW- like this post at the bottom.. thanks!)

Not to be left out, REM announce that they are breaking up.  I don’t really know what this means.  Their last few albums have been weak.  And they haven’t really put out a lot of stuff either.  Maybe this was just to stop the major fans from asking about the next project.  Maybe it was just to start building anticipation for a reunion tour in a few years.  With the boys from Athens the best.  Your music was a big part of my teenage and college years.

And holy cow… it is only Wednesday!

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