Amazon Kindle Fire- Preorder $199

Wow.  It was rumored and now seems to be true.  Amazon’s incredible update to their Kindle… the Kindle Fire!

My wife has a Kindle and loves it.  I love it too (don’t tell her), but it just didn’t do quite as much as I would like for it too.  I’m a fan of the iPad as well (don’t own one).  It doesn’t do as much as I’d like either.

The Kindle Fire may be the thing.

Amazon just signed a release with Fox for streaming.  Makes a whole lot of sense that they would want a portable device to put this on… and a device that would tie back to their eBook store, music store, and all other services.

Specs look good too.  7 inch display.  Wifi.  Color.

And just in time for Christmas.

Price — $199!  Really?  $199?

Me thinks the iPad is going to take a hit this shopping season.

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