Happy 40th Birthday, Walt Disney World

It was amazing to get up at the wee hours of the morning and trek out to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to be there for the 40th Anniversary.

I arrived at the Transportation and Ticket Center around 7:20 and parked in the 3rd row.  The monorails weren’t running just yet, but there was an extremely extended rope queue set up with lots of balloons everywhere.  I took the ferry over to the park.

Went through security, but had to wait outside of the turnstiles for a bit.  Once they started letting people through, we had to wait in front of the train station for the welcome show.  If you have seen this before, there wasn’t anything special added.  A 40th banner hung on the fence above the Mickey floral planter and the mayor mentioned it being the 40th.  That was it.  By the time that welcome show started, the entire area was filled.  The turnstile queue was easily backed up to the security tables if not beyond that.  Hard to see.   Lots of people there.  Seemed like everyone was there for the 40th.

Once that was over, most everyone headed up Main Street and staked out their spot in front of Cinderella Castle for the ceremony.  I was lucky to get pretty close.  About 20-30 people deep from the stage.  By the time the ceremony started, it was shoulder to shoulder.  People everywhere.  It felt like the crowds during a Christmas Parade taping.

Ran into Ricky Brigante from Inside the Magic who shot the above video.  Met Ricky a few times at different events.  Really nice guy.

Also met Noah from noahfineart.com who seems to be Disney’s current go to artist for all kinds of cool stuff.  He was super nice too.

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